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Thank You!

By all accounts, Agile and Beyond 2014 was a huge success. Attendance was at an all time high and the sessions and speakers were great! Like any event of this magnitude, we had some blips in the road, Friday and Saturday were both smashing successes. Attendee's and speakers alike should congratulate themselves for helping make the event so valuable. Without the support of such a vibrant community, we could not hold this event each year.


The slides that we have can be found here: http://urli.st/qny. If/when we get more we will post them to that list.

Post conference survey

Each year the organizers do a retrospective on the conference to help us improve on our experience. Part of this retro is the feedback that you provide us from our post-conference survey. Please fill in this survey, it will take just a few minutes and will be very helpful in ensuring that 2015 continues to shine bright:


What’s Next

We have been at this Agile and Beyond thing for 5 years now. In those five years we have seen over 2,500 attendees listen to over 180 speakers on a wide range of topics. Going in to year six, we need your help in clarifying what the ‘Beyond’ part is in our name. How do we showcase the next evolution in software or product development? Is there something new in personal development? You have an opportunity to help guide what this conference becomes. There are a couple ways that you can