Brooksource – Bag Sponsor

Your need for quality talent is our reason for being. This driving mission has been at our core from the onset. When we started in 2000, we were a team of forward-thinking entrepreneurs determined to find a better way to connect the best and brightest talent with companies looking for future leaders. We still firmly believe in this philosophy.

Throughout the years, our passion, credibility and grit have been the foundation and prowess of Brooksource. Though our focus areas have continued to mindfully evolve, our unyielding commitment to relationships and our customers’ needs remains consistent and firmly rooted in our core values.

Brooksource is proud to be part of the Eight Eleven Family of Companies. Though our industries and focuses vary, each Eight Eleven company has been built with our customers’ evolving needs in mind. Across each company, our holistic commitment to these core values remains unwavering.


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